Communication protcol

Is there a serial communication protocol that can be used instead of the Python and C libraries? I wish to be able to extract raw data from the reflected pulses for a completely different project.


You don’t have to use the libraries, you can do the serial comms yourself. But all the object detection/point-cloud construction happens on the sensor device itself. There’s no “raw” format that I’ve seen, other than just putting it in point-cloud mode.

Excellent, but I need a pointer as to where I can find the details of this serial comms.

At this point, the easiest approach is probably just to reverse engineer the Python library.

Some information on how the packets are formed would be useful and more on the CRC.


That would be nice. Please don’t get confused though, I don’t represent the RadarIQ company. I’m just another kickstarter backer.

I do realise this.
I wonder if RadarIQ will comment.

We have now created the protocol document which is available from our getting started page or directly from here: