UART/Data freezes

Been working with the RadarIQ a bunch this week. Got it fitted into a handheld form factor with a Raspberry Pi. It’s super cool seeing the reflection from successive walls in my house.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the data stream from the RIQ will freeze sometimes, often for more than a second. I can trigger this pretty consistently just by sweeping the radar aperture quickly across a noisy environment.

Turning up sensitivity makes the problem worse. So does using either of the point-cloud density modes.

I’m not sure how I would fix this from my application. Is there a firmware patch expected soon that might fix this issue?

Hi @Netzapper, Thanks for being one of the first on the forum :slight_smile:

We’ll investigate the issue you are seeing and see what can be done about it. It sound like the issue is related to the amount of data/points. In the mean time, try lowering the frame rate to see if that helps.